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Tropical Storm Matthew forms in Caribbean; could approach Florida

Hurricane and tropical storm season is upon us and as tropical storm Matthew forms in the Caribbean, it may pose a threat to Florida. Though it has yet to make landfall in the United States, forecasters in Florida are watching closely just in case it makes it to the coast.

A hurricane hunter found winds this week of up to 60 miles per hour and a closed circulation, which means that it is in fact a tropical storm. Though Matthew is still only a tropical storm and has not yet graduated to the classification of a Hurricane, forecasters predict that it could become a category 2 hurricane as early as next week.

Most forecasts predict that Matthew will continue westward before making a turn north which could put the eastern coast of Florida right in the path of this potentially dangerous storm. The turn is set to take place somewhere around Cuba and is could come very close to Florida and even affect parts of the northeastern coast of the United States.
There have been several different models that all predict different timing for this storm to make landfall which makes it difficult to predict exactly when Matthew will arrive and when residents should take cover. Though there are no real solid predictions yet as to when the storm will make landfall and when it will actually intensify, the National Weather Service says that the environmental conditions surrounding the storm consisting of warm water and low shear do make for favorable conditions in regards to the storm getting more intense.

As of yet the storm is still only a tropical storm and there is no clear proof that it is even going to make land fall. All the same, forecasters are stating that residents of Florida and other coastal states should be aware of the weather forecast and should pay close attention to this particular storm as the week goes on. It is still far too early to say exactly when Matthew will hit land, if it even does, so forecasters are simply advising caution and being aware of the weather forecast as the week goes on and as Matthew moves toward land.